Experience vs Money

I hate choosing. Choosing between experience and money. Deciding whether to go on an expensive trip or get a job flipping burgers. Work or play, so to speak. For a long time I chose experience, always the adventure. I never wanted to miss an opportunity for something extravegant. But reality is good at teaching, and reality is money is necessary.

Elle Luna said in her book: The Crossroads of Should and Must: “…money is a game, a make-believe concept that some people invented…” She’s right, and we all have to play. I’ve said before how important experience is. It’s paramount, it has true value. I recently met a man who has hiked every mountain in Colorado above 13,000 feet (thats upwards of 600 peaks). He also hiked the Appalachian trail, other U. S. trails, and even tried to walk through New Zealand, top to bottom. He likely doesn’t have much money, but what he does have is so much more. Yet money is still necessary, its like a game, a game of chess. Money is queen, she can move in every direction, can defeat any plan, any strategy. But it’s the king who decides who really wins, he’s experience. So you have to play the game.

Recently I chose money. The queen had marked my every move. I worked at a movie theatre through the holiday season, it wasn’t ideal, but I learned to enjoy it. While there, I missed part of Christmas, my sister’s birthday, a ski day, the premier of Star Wars (well I didn’t miss the premier, thats for sure. Just the movie), and plenty else. However, the job was a crazy adventure in and of it self. I learned a lot, met interesting people, had great days, had downright poor days. I had purpose, it was worth it, I gained experience AND money.

So I suppose the truth is you need balance. You always need to account for the queen, darting out of hiding. You must see the entire board, the big picture. If you want to win, if you want to take the king, you must play.

Do remember, you also have a queen, you also have a king. You have a fair fight, its easy to let money or adventure play for you. Let experience control you and money will catch up, every time. But live for money and the big picture is lost. You can loose, you can loose big. Or you can win, so why not win?


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