it’s sad really.

Everything moves too fast, we rarely stop to give ourselves the chance to enjoy something. We want life to be like a calculator, tell it what you want, and that’s exactly what you receive. No adventure, no story to tell. Just things and stuff, and more and more of it all until we are happy. 

I was driving recently and I realized that humans create situations for anger. I was driving a long, having a good think, and a man sped up behind me, very close. He began raising his hands in exasperation and gesturing for me to get out of his way, immediately. Once I finally switched lanes, he sped by as soon as there was a gap that would suit his desires. 

There was no reason for all this, I wasn’t driving too slow or too fast, I was just there and there was bad. He created the situation entirely on his own, almost as if resentment is exactly what he was looking for. It’s sad really, we think we have it all. Yet we must create anger, out of nothing. It’s sad, it really is. 

We all want to get somewhere. To this place in the future where we are content, every desire is fullfilled. We simply have to get there, get there soon. But we can’t, we’ve made it up. This is life. Let’s make it simple. Let’s take it slow. See it all as it happens, enjoy it.  What’s the rush really?  

(Cover photo by Abigail Rogers)


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