the tiger.

I love tigers, they are pretty much my favorite animal. They are truly amazing. The way they walk in a dignified way, with their shoulders swaying with every step as their eyes search and scour. How they appear to be thinking about something very important, something far inside themselves. They have a way of seeming powerful and knowing, yet reserved. They have depth. It’s no wonder that many cultures have given them prevalence.

An old “friend” of mine once asked: “Daniel, how do you describe yourself?” I imagine this was meant to be offensive, but I simply replied: “a tiger.” I think I was right, I think that part of the reason that I find tigers so paramount is because to me, they are relatable. From my perspective they are introverts, thinkers. They don’t travel with big groups, they are loners. They are unique, their stripes evoke a creativity and beauty like no other. They hunt what they are after, slowly, quietly, and alone. I may very well be making this up in my head. Regardless, I believe that life is all about your perspective, how you choose to see things. And from my perspective, if I could transform into an animal, it would most certainly be a tiger.


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