Just some thoughts.

Here I am again, sitting in a coffee shop, on a cold November day. Earlier it was snowing, I love the snow, I think it will snow later (Update: it’s now snowing hard). Everyone around me is working away on a variety of the latest bits of technology. I’m just here, sitting, thinking, listening to music. I’ve noticed recently that great music gives life a sort of silent emotion. You can’t hear anything that’s going, only murmurs. But you can still see expression. It’s nice, it helps sum up a loud room into one universal calming emotion. It’s this that makes me think that people truly are good. Everyone is ultimately on that same journey to find meaning in all this. That’s a difficult journey, who’s meaning eludes the best of us. For me the answer is easy. I see it every time I look up and see clouds furling around the mountain peaks, the sun filtering through the sky, bouncing colors in all directions, dazzling your every emotion. Someone made all of this, I simply can’t deny it. To me that someone is God, I find that life is easier when you believe that.

Whenever I have these little coffee shop sessions, I put random music on shuffle. When I get home and play the same music it ends up being crap. However, when I visit the coffee shop, the music dulls my senses and gives way to endless ponderings. It’s the same with showers. I love showers, there are no distractions. You can’t sink into your phone and mindlessly scroll through social media. You can’t watch tv, you can’t even read. You can only think and think and think.  To me this is meditation.  Meditation is surrounded by weird stereotypes-of wacky religion, hippie lifestyle, and smoking weed. But to me it’s a method of deceleration, slowing down, pausing to have a good long think. No one wants to slow down, to pause for a moment and take in everything that is flying by. Because those things are scary, they involve effort. To streamline through life and find a supperficial form of success. That is the American Dream, and it’s for the fearful. Point is, I think we should all think more, enjoy the journey. Analyze the ideas, read deeper. Most of all enjoy the simple things, because they are never simple.

And that’s all I have to say about that. (Forrest Gump is great isn’t it?)



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