the introvert.

I’m the quiet one. The one who doesn’t join in. The one who works alone during a group project. The one who sits in the back, emotionless. Why? “Why am I so quiet?” (as I have been so kindly asked over and over). Well because that’s me, the introvert. I’m not shy, I’m not sad, I’m just not an extrovert.

I’m an introvert, an analyst, a thinker. When I enter a situation, I analyze. I watch everyone’s actions and reactions, listen to people’s words. I get the feel for the environment. When I realize that everyone in the room is, at least for the moment, not worth my attention, I exit the room, if not physically, mentally. To you I am quiet, but in reality my mind is spinning.

In elementary school, I went to a Catholic school. We had mass every few weeks. I realized that I don’t remember any of the sermons. I do remember that a group of stormtroopers would rappel from holes in the roof to relieve me from my boredom. Within only a moment, I would be adorned in Mandolorian armor (the stuff Boba Fett wears, to those who aren’t Star Wars fanatics). Then as a stormtrooper handed me my trusty blaster and lightsaber, I would invite a friend along with me on my adventure. And then we would fly off through the roof to meet destiny!

I can hardly remember middle school, but I do rember defending the school against a terrorist attack with my amazing swordsmanship and sparkling maroon samurai armor. I anihalted more than a dozen infidels, gave a shallow bow, and raced into the distance.

High school was a bit of a blur at points. However, I do recall the time that I stood up in algebra and expressed my hatred for stupid math. Then proceeded to press a button on my iPhone that materialized a Ducati motorcycle in front of me. I zipped on a leather jacket and strapped on my blacked out helmet, then hopped on the bike and roared down the hallway and straight through the doors with the sound of shattering glass.

Very unfortunately, none of that happened. So when you see the quiet kid in the corner, just send a smile their direction. They will like that, they don’t want to be bothered, just noticed. When they are comfortable, they’ll open up. And when that happens…you’d better listen!


One thought on “the introvert.

  1. Wow. This is me. Lost in my imagination. Or a book. Calls to my parents about my daydreaming and quietness in class. 40 years later and I they all still apply. I just know why now. Because I’m an introvert. 🙂

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