Art, a black hole for emotion.

I recently realized that art is time. Often you hear the question: “How is that art?” Or the more steadfast, “That isn’t art.” Art is simply something that grasps time. Art freezes an emotion, a feeling. Art captures an element of an artist’s mind and expresses it in a way that is endless. Art must first be formed in your mind. You must incorporate inspiration as well as originality in order to create something new that has never been seen, but has been felt.

When your idea is formed you begin. You form your art without any regard for time. You never settle for something that will simply suffice, it must be perfect. You manipulate components until your art emerges. Your original idea is gone and your art is present. At this point you are exhausted, the excitement that an idea brings is gone. Now you are content, satisfied.

Next, you share your art, release it. Some choose to keep their art private, yet all artists want their art appreciated. Others now see your art. They are drawn in, they see beyond the instant, they see the work, the expression. The more they look, the more they can see and feel. The art inspires their mind to interpret. To them the art is new, it expresses unique feelings and memories to them alone.

Some will ignore your art, some will call it fake. They are not worth time. You create art to create time. A sort of black hole for emotion. Art is selective, it chooses its admirers. Everything is not art, but everything is art to someone. If you spend time with art that you hate, you’ll love it. It’s all about time — that’s what art is. Leo Tolstoy said: “The two most most powerful warriors are patience and time.” This is art.

Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Art, a black hole for emotion.

  1. I’d like to say that your writing of the day has never hit the spot on what I’ve been thinking about/feeling for months on end.
    What an extraordinary coincidence it is that I just so happened to stumble upon this on a perfect day of relevance in my world.
    I’d love to say that I agree so much with your mind and the writing you have put together that you have certainly reeled me in to be a regular reader.
    Keep it up, I completely agree with YOUR art. šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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