The year without plans.

I’m currently sitting next to the bland wall of a suburban coffee shop. My small table is decorated with my idea journal (turned to the page titled: BLOG?), the space pen I’ve used for years, my phone playing dull music, sunglasses, and of course, a blended Mocha.

In the opposite corner sit two young lads pulling an amusing attempt at a coffee shop study session. One guys startling class ring immediately suggests high school. The obviously more extroverted one with the hairstyle that can only be described as “wave-like” has a notebook out, but is yet to look at it due to his insanely important phone that he has plugged in at an adjacent table. He has just answered a wildly important phone call, however it is hard to say if it was the calls content or the act of a phone call in public that was more important. His less flippant friend did a bit of work but has now been consumed by his phone as well…enough of these two.

In the other corner are two girls, likely also high school, who are also “studying” or more likely just talking…a lot. One of them looks familiar? Other than the older guys behind the counter, the only other coffee shop squatter at the moment is an elderly man reading a Kindle, good fellow! Several other customers have been in and out, a surprising number of them from nearby businesses. Anyway, why am I here? Well that can be explained with a simple answer: I’ve got nothing else planned. However, long answers are always more interesting. So I begin:

My name is Daniel Rogers, I’m 18 and I refuse to follow any sort of life equation. I graduated about 3 months ago with very little permanent plans for the future. My senior year was full of stress and worry about the constantly looming jerk called college. Now I realize that college is important and what not, I may still go even, but I call it a jerk because simply put, it is. The only question you are every asked as a senior is: “Where do you plan to attend college?” or some other just as disheartening question. When you reply with the unsatisfactory: “I don’t know” your conversation opponent begins informing you that: “you need to figure that out!” Or “that’s fine, I’m sure you will soon.” You get the idea, essentially I grew to hate this idea of college. I didn’t have a good reason to go and I realized that college isn’t required, I can go whenever I like. Therefore, to the ordinary Americans shock, I didn’t apply. Instead I spent about 2 months of my summer leading a team of 23 teenagers on a mission trip to Nepal, but that’s another story.

So after all that, here I am, in one of several coffee shops that I frequent almost daily. I have few plans, but plenty dreams. I want to create, to tell stories through mediums that inspire the mind. I’ve recently started a YouTube channel in an attempt to tell stories with film (that channel is called Daniel Rogers and you can watch my first film entitled “Mornings“). Along with that I have just now started this blog that I have named “Patience and Time” after one of my favorite quotes by Leo Tolstoy that goes:

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

That quote is simple but very true, especially during this year of no plans. I wish to tell you my story, one filled with non-traditional attempts at life, compelling stories of my past and present, my bizarre (yet amazingly accurate 😉 )opinions, and of course my sincere love for imaginary worlds such as Harry Potter and Star Wars. So there you have it. Everyone I mentioned earlier is now gone. The coffee shop has shifted to after work mode from lazy afternoon mode. Now it’s just me and a guy with a beard. Interesting.

And it is here, that I start. This is my year without plans…


2 thoughts on “The year without plans.

  1. Once you find where to go to college, dream up an answer to the follow-up question- what’s your major because that jerk is not far behind. If you get tired of the coffee shop in your town, Alaska has the most number of coffee shops per capita and there is tons of seasonal work, particularly in the summer. Look forward to reading more posts. Great start!

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